What Hair Care Products You Need to Have ?

If you want to have healthy hair, you must choose hair products that match your hair type. In addition, in the market there are now many hair care products that have their respective advantages. One way to treat hair is to use natural hair care products. Some hair care products that you need to have to get healthy and shiny hair, including:


As important as shampoo, conditioner can also make hair look more moist and manageable. As a recommendation, you can use Banana Truly Nourishing Conditioner for dry hair, Fuji Green Tea ™ Refreshingly Hydrating Conditioner for oily hair or Strawberry Clearly Glossy Conditioner for normal hair tends to dull. Adjust to your hair problems, each of which has the advantage of treating your hair.

Hair Mask

Hair products that women must have first are hair masks. This mask is very suitable for those of you who almost every day use a vise. The process of giving a mask is only applied to the hair layer, without massage. By using a hair mask regularly, even your hair will look stronger and shiny!

Hair Shine

Coconut Oil Hair Shine made from coconut oil. Its function is as one solution for dry hair. By using Coconut Oil Hair Shine, your hair can feel more moist and shiny.

Hair Vitamins

As a supplement, it is necessary to give hair vitamins to keep them healthy and well-maintained. Each time after shampooing and using conditioner, apply vitamin hair which is usually in the form of oil. What needs to be known, avoid applying hair vitamins directly to the scalp because it can trigger itching, excess oil production, and dandruff. If possible, store hair vitamins, especially those in liquid form, in the refrigerator so that all substances are maintained and no one reacts with the air.

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