Overcome Your Hair Loss Problems with This Way!

Overcome Your Hair Loss

Overcome Hair Loss – Hair is a crown of women, the saying goes. So having healthy hair naturally becomes the most basic desire for them. Healthy hair does not mean it must be long and straight down. One characteristic of healthy hair is certainly far from loss. Hair loss or alopecia can be experienced by anyone, whether male or female. Generally, hair loss problems will appear when we enter the age of 30-40 years. However, there are also those who experience loss before entering that age.

Causes of hair loss

There are so many factors that cause hair loss, starting from hormonal changes, lack of protein nutrition, emotional trauma, stress, and other medical conditions. When it happens, you need to find a way to overcome it.

How to deal with hair loss

Don’t tie hair

When you are healing your hair from hair loss, avoid binding your hair as much as possible. Tying your hair too tight can cause hair to become brittle so that the hair will fall out more easily. Tie it by using soft and metalless hair ties to reduce pressure, as one solution to hair loss. Simple ways to deal with hair loss but it greatly affects the health of your hair.

Drink lots of water

A quarter of the hair shaft is water. Therefore, as a way to treat your hair loss, drink at least eight glasses of water a day so that your hair grows back healthy and avoid the risk of loss. Not only good as a hair loss treatment, lots of drinking water is also good for your skin.

Do not comb hair when wet

Combing your hair when it’s still wet is the same as attacking your hair when it’s very fragile. But if it has to be done, choose a wide-toothed comb and comb it gently without pulling the hair root. A rare toothed comb is very good for use on hair, both wet and dry. A toothed comb will attract stronger so that the hair roots become weak. So, be careful when combing your hair, as one of the treatments for your hair loss. Also pay attention to the position of the hair when you want to sleep, this is no less important. Make sure the hair is not interested, and let the hair loose so that he can still breathe overnight, as one way to keep hair from falling out.

Pay attention to the health of the scalp

Not only treating shampoo and conditioner, you also have to maintain the health of your scalp with special care for the scalp so that the scalp remains healthy, not easily oily. Oily scalp usually causes hair loss, you know, beauty lovers! One way to deal with hair loss is to use a hair scrub.

Overcome hair loss effectively using a hair scrub

Want to know how to deal with hair loss using hair scrubs? Note how to use these hair products here!

  • Take a little scrub hair and place it in your palm. Give a little water and rub it slowly.
  • Use a scrub on moistened hair.
  • The next method of using hair products, apply to the scalp and massage slowly. Massage can stimulate blood circulation on the scalp.
  • Also rub the foam to the ends of the hair gently.
  • Finally, rinse thoroughly. Use conditioner to give hair moisture.

That’s how you use hair products, in this case it’s the right hair scrub. A clean scalp will help healthy hair growth. Not impossible, you know, scrub hair is the best solution for your hair!

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