Hair Look Limp and Less Fluffy? Follow These Tips To Make Hair Fluffy

Hair Fluffy – Although it seems trivial, the appearance of limp hair can apparently make a person’s appearance not optimal. In addition, limp hair will feel sticky, so it can make women feel uncomfortable when on the move. Hair problems that are quite a lot experienced by women living in Indonesia are generally caused by excess oil production. Excess oil produced by the scalp is known to make hair sticky, look thin, and certainly not volume. If you experience the same problem, try practicing these practical tips!


Hair curl before going to sleep

Yup! This first tip you may have heard before. Reeling or making a loose hair before going to sleep can help make your hair look more fluffy when you wake up in the morning. Oh, yes, don’t be so tight when tying your hair to make a break so your hair doesn’t fall out and look stiff when the hair tie is opened, yes!

Changing Hair Cleavage Direction

Besides being able to change appearance instantly, changing the direction of parting hair can also make it look more fluffy. Only then can you dry your hair with a hair dryer. The use of hair spray can also be added to maintain the shape of the hair to make it look more volume with a new part.

Changing parts of your hair regularly turns out to be highly recommended by hair stylists, you know. The reason, in addition to changing the appearance, apparently changing parts of the hair regularly can reduce the risk of hair loss problems

Using Dry Shampoo

Want a faster and more practical way? Easy! You only need to spray dry shampoo to make fluffy hair. This one product is indeed reliable to deal with limp hair in just a moment. However, make sure you don’t choose the wrong product, yes! Instead of making hair more volume, using inappropriate dry shampoos will only make your hair limp and cause new problems, one of which is dandruff.

But there are some things that you should pay attention to when using Dry Shampoo. There are some mistakes in usage that actually causes hair to look messy and more limp!

  • Spray It Too Close to the Scalp

Just like using hair spray, there are own rules about the distance of dry shampoo spray. Sometimes, this product is used as a hair serum and is sprayed too close to the hair root. For this reason, there are traces of white stains that may be left behind and look like dandruff. It’s good, you direct it with a distance of about 20-30 cm from the scalp.

  • Immediately Use Without Shaken First

Even though you use it with the appropriate distance, does your dry shampoo still leave a ‘trace’? Dry shampoo actually consists of an oil absorbent powder that is packaged practically in a spray bottle, so you should shake the bottle before using it. The powder will blend with the gas element in the bottle and will spray evenly without any white spots in several places.

  • Use Too Much Dry Shampoo

When the hair starts to oily and limp, dry shampoo will be a hero for all these problems. As long as the dose is right. Too much use can actually make your hair look dull (because of the white powder).

  • Spray, Comb, Done!

Who combs after using this product? This error is indeed common. After spraying it on the roots of your hair, you should wait a while for the formula to absorb the oil. After that, gently massage your scalp to maximize oil absorption in the scalp. Only then can you comb and organize.

  • Use it on Whole Hair

Well, this is what also makes your hair a mess. Some women, to avoid limp hair, spray this product all over their hair. Not only the roots, but also to the ends of the hair. The hair feels stiff when touched to the ends. Hmm, before repeating this mistake, let’s pay attention to your hair. Take a look, which part of the hair is oily? Not all hair, right? The crown of the head and bangs is the fastest part of oily. Instead of using it all over your hair, just spray it onto the risk of limping. More effective and more efficient!

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