8 Ways How To Take Care Dry Hair

Take Care Dry Hair – Lately, how to treat dry hair is sought after by many people, especially women. For women, of course the condition of healthy and beautiful hair is a very coveted thing. Remembering the hair is a crown for women and is very supportive of its appearance. However, it is not uncommon for hair problems to appear that make these women nervous. One problem that is often faced is dry hair. This dry hair will have an impact on the expanding hair and the hair becomes unhealthy.

Many factors cause dry hair, such as:

  • Because the hair is too long in the sun so that the hair that was originally soft turns dry.
  • The number of chemicals attached to the hair. This is because hair care products that women use. use of hair care products is indeed permissible, but with a note that the product is safe and does not make hair damaged.
  • Dry hair can also be caused by air pollution which accidentally sticks to the hair.
  • Use of shampoos that don’t match hair. Based on these causes, it is important for all of us to maintain healthy hair by avoiding these causes.
  • Hair is always exposed to air pollution such as vehicle smoke when outside the room.
  • Too often use hair polish to dye your hair.
  • How to dry the wrong hair, by directly drying with a hair dryer when the hair is still very wet.
  • Too often using hairray hair and other chemicals that can damage hair.

To restore the beauty of your hair, you can do dry hair care to keep it soft. Regarding the causes of dry hair, there are several tips on how to treat dry hair. These tips are divided into two, the first tips are treatment of dry hair using natural ingredients and the second tips related to positive habits that must be done. These two tips are effective in overcoming dry hair and keeping your hair soft. The materials needed are not difficult to obtain. Below is how to treat dry hair using natural ingredients.

  1. Take Care Dry Hair with Mixing Honey & Lemon Juice

This method is quite effective in dealing with dry hair. You can mix these two ingredients with two tablespoons each. After the two ingredients have been mixed evenly, they can be applied directly to your hair. Let stand for 40 minutes and better if the hair is closed with a towel or shower cup. When it’s 40 minutes, immediately rinse your hair with water until it’s clean.

  1. Take Care Dry Hair Using Avocado Fruit

In addition to its deliciousness, avocados also have many benefits. One of them is to treat dry hair. The treatment method is very easy. You must choose the apples with ripe conditions. Blend the avocado and apply it evenly to all of your hair. Wait until 20 minutes and rinse the hair thoroughly.

  1. Lime juice

It is no different from the apple cider, how to treat it with lime juice is also very easy to do. Simply by applying enough to the hair of lime juice. Wait for 30 minutes and rinse with water until clean.

  1. Olive oil

There is nothing wrong if you also try treatment with this one ingredient. You can use olive oil once in two weeks. How to use it by applying olive oil to wet hair. Do it before shampooing. Leave the hair in five minutes. After five minutes, immediately wash with shampoo.

  1. Utilizing the Efficacy of Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is useful for reducing damaged hair and softening hair. Proper use will make hair smoother. How to use it by adding other ingredients. Mix 0.5 cup of apple vinegar with one tablespoon of wheat oil and two cups of water. Apply a mixture of all three ingredients to wet hair. Do it after you finish shampooing and let it sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes have passed, rinse immediately with water until the hair is completely clean. In its use, you can use a conditioner to reduce the pungent aroma of apple vinegar.

  1. Take Care Dry Hair Using Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise which is usually used to supplement the food you eat is also beneficial for the treatment of dry hair. The content of fatty acids found in mayonnaise is useful for softening hair. The way you can do this is by applying it directly to the hair after finishing shampooing, but in a dry hair state. The amount of mayonnaise applied just one tablespoon. Cover or wrap hair with a shower cup or towel for 15 minutes. After that, rinse again using shampoo. The thing to note here is the type of shampoo that is well used. A good shampoo to use should be a soft shampoo such as baby shampoo or herbal shampoo.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

The content in aloe vera gel can be beneficial to get smooth and soft hair. How to use Aloe Vera gel is the same as the previous ways, namely by rubbing and rinsing it thoroughly. Aloe vera gel has been produced by many hair care products. However, natural aloe gel is much better.

  1. Take Care Dry Hair by Eating Foods Containing Vit B

The last way to treat dry hair is to eat foods with vitamin B content. Vitamin B is useful for strengthening hair and making hair dry. Foods that contain lots of B vitamins such as nuts, bananas and eggs.

In addition to the nine tips right above, there are more ways to deal with dry hair by doing positive habits to maintain softness rambutan.

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